Friday, February 11, 2005


I'm really excited about the gates in Central Park and Christo being here. I was an art major in school and I don't know how many times we talked about Christo's work (surrounding islands, buildings, etc.). I'm so excited that I get to be here and see his work in the flesh rather than through photographs. It's different from other art -- especially photographs but paintings and sculptures as well. I love paintings and sculpture when it's right in front of you and you can see how the artist moved the paint with his brush or see how smooth the marble is, but with Christo's work, you only have a small window of opportunity to see it in the flesh and then you have to resort to photos.

Sure, some doubt the project, saying it costs too much (not mentioning the jobs created by it) or that it's ugly and not art (everybody's a critic), but as much as people talk, there is still a beautiful and unifying thing about the whole process -- the way it takes hundreds of people just to install and the way all eyes go to the "saffron" gates and stare with awe at how many it takes to cover our beautiful park.


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